Opioid Deaths in Missouri by Gender by Year, 2010-2019

Description: Missouri opioid deaths from 2010 to 2019. During this period, males accounted for 66% of opioid deaths in the state.

Geography: State of Missouri, United States

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BAMIndex ID: HE00014
Contributor Name/Organization: Global Initiative for Boys and Men
Archived PDF of original data source: HE00014-datasource.pdf
Keywords: Missouri, opioid deaths, overdose, drugs, fentanyl
Additional info: The National Vital Statistics System multiple cause-of-death mortality files were used to identify drug overdose deaths. Deaths from illegally-made fentanyl cannot be distinguished from pharmaceutical fentanyl in the data source. For this reason, deaths from both legally prescribed and illegally produced fentanyl are included in these data.
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