About the Boys and Men's Well-Being Index

In order to prepare our boys and men for bright futures and solve the challenges they face, we must first identify and measure the data that informs our decisions. The Boys and Men’s Well-Being Index (BAM Index) was designed for that purpose.

The BAM Index is the first indexed data repository to help better inform the understanding of the well-being of boys and men. We aggregate, compile, analyze, and share reliable and verifiable data and create original visualizations.

Created by the US-based nonprofit Global Initiative for Boys & Men (GIBM) in 2021, the BAM Index is an open-source resource dedicated to informing policymakers, researchers, legal professionals, educators, physicians, media outlets, parents, and members of the public looking for reliable infographics and data on the status of boys and men. Our team aggregates, compiles, and visualizes data from some of the most reliable sources in the United States and from around the world. The Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Educational Statistics, The U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Health, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and many other reliable agencies, institutions, and independent researchers form the basis of our data.

Many of our graphics are created after compiling years and sometimes decades of data; saving a tremendous amount of time for the most serious researcher to the layperson looking for important information regarding the well-being and status of boys and men. All of our graphics include links to original sources, downloadable figures and tables, downloadable spreadsheets, and links to and/or pdfs of original research, articles, and other original sources. Each visualization is given a unique BAM Index ID number and stored on an open, GitHub repository.

Anyone with an internet connection can download and share graphics and data, free of charge. And if you use BAM Index graphics, please share them with us, so we can share your use with our community.

GIBM created the BAM Index as part of a multiyear strategic plan that started in 2019. The plan identified 6 key areas of study that will include an ever-increasing number of subcategories that allow this project to expand, evolve, and inform for decades to come.

Our Major Categories of Boys’ and Men’s Well-Being

  • Criminal Justice System and Court Systems
  • Education
  • Fatherhood, Family, and Relationships
  • Jobs, Careers, and Financial Health
  • Male Narrative in the Public Discourse
  • Physical and Mental Health

Please spend time clicking through our categories so you can learn more about the data that interests you.


Can I contribute data to the BAM Index?

The BAM Index receives submissions from those looking to compile their data in a meaningful and transformative way to further the understanding of the well-being of boys and men. Please go to our contributor’s page to learn how BAM Index staff will take your data and create an infographic for you, place it on our website, identify you or your organization as a contributor, and attach a link to your website, institution, and research or article. And because we look through all the data, the GIBM logo certifies that the data has been vetted and confirmed.

Can I ask for help getting data?

BAM Index staff will help you identify and visualize the important information you need. Whether your project is small or large, BAM Index staff know how to compile data that will transform your research in a meaningful way.

To learn more, reach out to us at info@gibm.us or call us at (202) 531‑9322.


Mark Sutton, Operations Chair and Strategic Planning, Global Initiative for Boys and Men


Sean Kullman, President, Global Initiative for Boys and Men