Domestic Violence Incidents Since Kentucky HB-528 Rebuttable Presumption

Description: Following the passage of presumed equal parenting in Kentucky, there was a decline in domestic violence reports. This chart indicates the number of Domestic Violence cases filed, and Domestic Relations cases, which includes several types of filings, in Kentucky. After the passage of rebuttable presumption of equal parenting HB-528, the number of cases dropped significantly.

Geography: State of Kentucky, United States

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BAMIndex ID: FA00001
Contributor Name/Organization: Colorado Coalition for Boys and Men
Archived PDF of original data source: FA00001-datasource.pdf
Keywords: Rebuttable Equal Parenting, Shared Parenting, Kentucky, Kentucky HB-528 Rebuttable Presumption
Additional info: The category Domestic Relations (also called Domestic & Family) Includes divorce, annulment, separation, and postdivorce hearings.
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