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Parents Impressions of Sons after Attending Boys to Men Mentoring Programs

Description: Data from the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education shows the positive results and mutual benefits of the Boys to Men mentoring program and schools. “The case study findings indicated that program participants were able to improve academic performance, behavior, and relationships with adults.”

Geography: State of California, United States

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BAMIndex ID: MN00007
Contributor Name/Organization: Boys to Men Mentoring
Archived PDF of original data source: MN00007-datasource.pdf
Keywords: Mentoring, Boys, Education, Nonprofit, San Diego, California, United States
Additional info: THE RESEARCH TEAM Ian Martin, Ed.D. Erika Nash Cameron, Ph.D. Lauren Wolford, M.A Heidi Beckenbach, MA Courtney Kennedy, MA Jillian Hosler Kimberly Tran This team of researchers is affiliated with the Counseling Program Department of School, Family, and Mental Health Professions School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES)
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