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Boy Gender Gap in High School Graduation Rates in California, 2020

Description: This chart show how boys of all races in California are less likely to graduate high school than their female counterparts of the same race. Every 5 years, nearly 900,000 fewer male students meet basic literacy skills.

Geography: State of California, United States

Graph and Data Downloads:
BAMIndex ID: ED00009
Contributor Name/Organization: Global Initiative for Boys and Men
Archived PDF of original data source: ED00009-datasource.pdf
Keywords: California Department of Education, High School Graduation Rates, Race, Gender, Sex
Additional info: An analysis of CA Dept. of Ed. data from 2014 to 2019 reveals the boy gender-gap in reading by 11th grader is 11%, and this statistic matches the statewide college-readiness gap of 11.4%.
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