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Conferred Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees in U.S. by Sex in 50 Year Increments

Description: This chart shows the total post-secondary degrees by gender in the United States, in 1920, 1970, and 1919. While degrees conferred to male students outnumbered those to women in in 1920 and 1970, by 2019 the opposite was true. In 2019, men were on the downside of educational attainment, accounting for only 41% of all college degrees.

Geography: United States

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BAMIndex ID: ED00008
Contributor Name/Organization: Global Initiative for Boys and Men (GIBM)
Archived PDF of original data source: ED0008-datasource
Keywords: Education, degrees, undergraduate, college
Additional info: Women have earned more undergraduate college degrees than men every year since 1982 in the United States.
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