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CMAS English Language scores in Colorado, 2016-2019

Description: CMAS is the Colorado Measures of Academic Success standardized test for Colorado students in grades 3 through 11. This is the current Colorado state level standardized test, which was created in 2015 and replaced the CSAP. In this chart, CMAS English Language Scores 2016-2019 shows the percentage of student results that are "Meeting or Exceeding Expectations." Girls have consistently performed better than boys since 2016.

Geography: State of Colorado, United States

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BAMIndex ID: ED00007
Contributor Name/Organization: Colorado Coalition for Boys and Men
Data Source: Colorado Department of Education:
CMAS: Data and Results
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Keywords: Colorado Department of Education, Standardized Testing, CMAS, Colorado Measures of Academic Success, English Language Arts
Additional info: CMAS was not conducted in 2020 due to Covid. Data from 2021 was truncated due to a low percentage of students who took the test.
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